Written and illustrated by Blexbolex

Full color throughout
280 pages
Subjects: Imagination, Fairy and Folk Tales
Age group: All ages
ISBN 978-1-59270-137-7
5.6" x 6.5"
US $22.95
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About the Book

Ballad is a story, and like all great stories it deepens with each retelling. The story builds over seven sequences. The first has three images: school, path, home. The next gives us: school, street, path, forest, home. The following five sequences take up this story, but with new words and images that nearly double the previous sequence. Here a child takes in her surroundings as she returns home from school, and by telling stories about what she sees, she makes her world bigger and more complex. This story is as old as the world. It happens every day.

Awards and Reviews

“All throughout, we’re invited to reimagine the narrative as we absorb the growing complexity of the world — a beautiful allegory for our walk through life itself . . . an entirely new, wholly different form of bewitching visual storytelling, where a few carefully chosen words invite perpetual reinterpretation of layered and expressive scenes.” -- Brain Pickings

“Once again, Blexbolex's angular, vintage-flavored silkscreen illustrations are paired with brief descriptions . . . As an object and a piece of bookmaking, it's a work of art.”
-- STARRED REVIEW, Publishers Weekly

“The delicious temptation to take an active role in the surreal adventure by adding details or even whole subplots will be hard to resist.” -- Kirkus Reviews

“An intriguing book- one to unravel, decode, and ponder in successive re-readings.” -- Joanna Rudge Long, The Horn Book

“This book is unlike anything I have ever seen before . . . it’s a puzzle, a fairy tale, an adventure, a love story, made with words and pictures used in a new, utterly beguiling way. The silk-screen images, made with unbelievable fluorescent ink, will draw you in and will leave you breathless till the end.” -- Brian Selznick